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Spazi eterni

Eternal spaces of a continuous quest, of a soul that knows how to create space, structure and fluidity, deconstruction, abstraction and simplicity.The river that everything drags is known as violent, but
nobody calls violent the margins that arrest him’-Bertolt BrechtBy replacing the word ‘violent’ with the word ‘intense’, I would say that that line of Brecht’s perfectly encapsulates the work of Maria Papadopoulou in all her idiosyncrasy, as I have grasped from the little that we have interacted. She is an artist, amongst many other things, who has conquered in herself the impulse and the limit.

Works that are energy portals, emblematic and metaphysical spaces at the same time invite the viewer to open their vision, their conscience, thus creating for us a passage into the meta-space of all spaces and the personal geography which Maria Papadopoulou has created through her own unique fingerprint.An intensive palette, warm, vivid layers of colour replete with intensity and feeling are juxtaposed with cooler, logical spatial structures and fluid overlays.


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Organizzatore: medina art gallery
Contatto: medina art gallery
Telefono: 0696030764
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Medina art gallery - Roma
via merulana 220
Spazi eterni

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